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What is a CODESIGN Certificate?

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CODESIGN refers to a digital signature authenticated by a certified authenticating organization that proves a program can be trusted and is safe. It is used when a user attempts to install programs that provide extra features (ActiveX, JAVA Applet, etc.) on his/her computer.

Have you ever seen a yellow ActiveX warning message appear at the top/bottom of your browser while you were surfing the internet?
These warning messages appear when Windows blocks a particular file from being downloading because it cannot confirm the publisher of the program, or (using banking as an example) when the system alerts the user regarding files to be installed when he/she tries to log-in to a website and execute financial transactions.


The necessity and benefits of a CODESIGN certificate

When a company develops and distributes a program, it may distribute a program that includes a malignant code or virus. However, a user who downloads a program has no way of checking if the downloaded program contains a virus that can damage the computer, or if it has a malignant code that can leak important information.
As such, when a digital signature is added using a CODESIGN certificate to a distributed program, the distributing company’s information is displayed to the user via a security alert window when he/she downloads the program. This allows the user to confirm the credibility and safety of the program, which helps the user to download and install the program with confidence.

1. Secure integrity of the program

A program signed using a CODESIGN certificate guarantees the fact that the corresponding program was not altered illegally, and was distributed safely by a trusted company.

2. Reinforce confidence in the company

Users can confirm the exact name of the company distributing the program, therefore it improves customer confidence in the company.

Enter applying company information
MS applications EXE, DLL, CAB, OCX Program provider digital signature system driver signature
JAVA application JAR Program provider digital signature
Adobe application AIR Program provider digital signature
Mobile application file APK Mobile program digital signature
Electronic documents XLS, DOC, PPT, HWP, PDF Confirm the integrity of electronic document signature documents
1. What happens if I do not use the application program certificate?
Microsoft IE 7.0 and later versions block unsigned publishers, therefore ActiveX will not be installed correctly.
2. How many programs can I use it for?
The user can use his/her certificate for applications throughout the course of the certificate’s life regardless of the number of programs it is used for.
3. How to I apply a certificate?
You can apply your certificate at the KICA website (
4. Is it compatible with mobile platforms?
Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile platforms are supported. However, Windows Kernel-Mode is not supported. If you require Kernel-Mode for your program, please call the customer center and receive detailed instructions.
5. Can I use a different name for the publisher?
The application certificate requires a corporate authentication process. Therefore you are required to use the company name (publisher name) that appears on your business license.
6. Can I use a Korean publisher name?
No, you are required to use the full English name of your company. (Company name that matches the company name printed on your business license, or company name printed on your English business license)
7. When can I receive my certificate?
You will go through a phone authentication process 2 days after your apply is received by the company. Once authentication is complete, you will receive your certificate within 1 hour.

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